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Who We Are
CCS Distributing is an acknowledged leader in the car care industry. Headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, CCS has been providing customers a full line of high quality automotive cleaning and reconditioning products since 1981. CCS is the "right choice" for companies wishing to maximize their return on investment while not compromising quality. Quality - Our products

Recognized for innovative technology and superior quality, we are one of the most highly recommended companies in the industry. CCS manages its entire production process, from research and development to manufacturing and marketing. This strict "start-to-finish" control over production processes has established the company's reputation for the highest quality products. Most importantly, it provides the foundation for internal growth and the introduction of new products. With competitive pricing and a 100% risk free guarantee on every product, CCS has a long list of satisfied customers nationwide.

Company History
The story of CCS Distributing is the story of its people, from the founders, Gary and Janet Soley, to CCS’ employees, customers, and partners who have played a part in its 27-year history. Their loyalty to CCS has made CCS one of the car care industry’s great companies; one with a vivid history which is detailed here:

1981 - Beginnings
CCS Distributing was founded in 1981 by Gary and Janet Soley and has been a family run business ever since.

1986 - The first CCS Building
In 1986 CCS incorporated and moved from its modest beginnings in their garage to it's first warehouse facility located in Altooona, WI. CCS distributed reconditioning chemicals and products for various other manufacturers for approximately 16 years.

1997 - CCS Spreads its wings
CCS began manufacturing its own Chemical line and moved to a larger facility to better serve our customers with Premium Care Care Products.

Today - Building the Business
CCS Distributing is an innovative leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying quality reconditioning and car wash products to the car care industry, including large and small dealerships, car and truck washes, and small and large auto repair shops. We are an innovative pioneer. CCS boasts an impressive list of firsts in car wash chemical technology. Future Focusing on the Future CCS is aiming to enhance its position as a national leader in car care and recondition products. Advances provide a glimpse of tomorrow’s technology. Brand building and marketing initiatives will help drive CCS to new heights and expand the company’s customer base. CCS is positioned to grow in some of the most dynamic areas, making it a company firmly focused on the future.